Compare the Cost of Senior Living to Staying at Home

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At-Home Expenses Monthly Cost
Mortgage or rent payment e.g. 190
Total of utilities e.g. 245
Home or renters insurance e.g. 45
Property tax e.g. 225
Grocery and Food $e.g. 200
Entertainment, hobbies, etc. e.g. 200
Lawn care and cleaning services e.g. 40
Maintenance or repairs e.g. 20
Transportation (Vehicle insurance, registration, gas, maintenance, and repairs) e.g. 200
Current or Anticipated Home Health Care / Companion Costs
(The average national monthly cost is $3,360-5,760)
e.g. 4000


Current Monthly At-Home Living with Anticipated Home Health Care/Companion Costs


National Average Monthly Costs


The National Center for Assisted Living report, indicates that it costs about $4,000.00 per month to live in an assisted living community in the US. The average cost for in-home care will vary based on the number of hours required or requested. The current average cost is $22.00 per hour for home care services.

According to the latest survey, the average cost for living in a memory care assisted living facility is $5,745.00 per month.The average is based on national averages and can vary from state to state. Other factors affecting the cost are determined by individual care needs and services rendered.