Testimonial 2

Dr. Mr. Majeed,
This letter of appreciation is overdue by the number of years my dad was under your care at Spring Hills of Mount Vernon, and should have been only one of many written to you since that time. It was almost exactly four years ago that my Dad, Leonard Napper (a.k.a Deacon Napper or just Mr. Napper) became a resident. On February 12, he died peacefully there. On behalf of our family, I want to pour my heart out to you and the staff to express how very grateful we are for all you have done to enrich out lives. We have come to know that there are Angels on earth and they are at Spring Hills. I wish that your story could be written in a book so that everyone can see how Spring Hills is such a heavenly place on earth for our elderly to have the best possible end-of-life care. Inasmuch as we miss our Dad, we have only the best memories of how magnificently he was cared for, with the elegance and grandeur of the Spring Hills living space, and gentle kindness of the staff that made the last years of his life so special. On behalf of my deceased Dad, Leonard; my sister Sonjia; and my brothers Lander, Carl, Kartez, and Lame, words can never express our gratitude for our life-changing experience and the Loving Care that Spring Hills has afforded us. We remain eternally grateful and wish nothing but great blessing to you and our Spring Hills family.