Nina Markle_Jan 2017

Thank you to the staff at Spring Hills Middletown! Christmas was unusually tough this year, but watching you care for and have fun with the residents made me aware, again, of why I chose Spring Hills Middletown for Glen’s Care. Derrick produced a wonderful evening meal for all of us Christmas Day. The meat was tender, the sweet potato casserole was delicious and the dressing was perfect… and everything was piping hot when it was served! He takes pride in “doing it right”. The servers were wonderful and all of them were serving us and away from their own families on Christmas Day. Not one grumble from any of them, but lots of ‘having fun’ as Derrick interacted with everyone in the dining hall and bid them all a goodnight with the promise of having their breakfasts ready the following morning. Watching him with his Santa hat on, calling each of them by name as they left for their rooms, brought tears to my eyes. How blessed we are to have such devoted people take care of our loved ones. Maybe Derrick is the REAL Santa! Tonight I sat with Glen at dinner and witnessed the same thing. Spring Chapman was so helpful in guiding some of the residents in deciding what they would select for their meal. She remembered what each had ordered for lunch so she encouraged other choices for dinner. What a pleasant young lady, smiling all the while she traveled from table to kitchen and kitchen to table The kitchen staff had the plates ready in short order and the food was served, again piping hot. Derrick had it under control and again, made everyone feel special.  I feel sure all of them had New Year plans but we did not feel like we were being rushed out!

Thanks to the nurses, caregivers, Carol, Derrick, Spring and kitchen staff for making our residents feel at home and like one big family. This is the greatest gift, ever! A big thank you for the personal Christmas gifts given to all residents. The scarf is beautiful and will come in handy for the cold weather when Glen has to go out to the doctor’s appointments. The trees were absolutely gorgeous and set the tone when entering Spring Hills. Bonnie has a crew of artists! Spring Hills Middletown is far above the average facility and it is due to the above average staff working here. My New Year’s wish is to clone all of them! Blessings to you in 2017!