Dear Mr. Markowits,

My mother, Mary Schoeffler, is a resident at Spring Hills, Morristown. Last Thursday, my family and I attended the annual Christmas party for our third year. I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the excellent job that Karen Griffths and her staff are doing for the residents. Everyone from the front desk to the Wellness Center, the aides, dining staff, and maintenance crew are friendly and helpful.

As important as that is, the thing that means the most to me, is the respect and dignity that everyone on staff shows the residents, They are regarded as a community of seniors whose thoughts and feelings still matter. As a frequent visitor, I am able to see this first hand and appreciate it. My mom came to Spring Hills when she was 97; she will be 100 in February. It was difficult for her to leave her home for assisted living; however, the sensitivity and understanding that she was shown made the transition so much easier for her and me.

Spring Hills, Morristown, is a warm and welcoming home for the seniors who live there. That is a tribute to Karen and her staff who I commend and thank.