Monica L. Young

Dear Sir/Madam:

My wife, Monica L. Young was a resident at your Alexandria, Virginia facility from April 27, 2013 until her passing on August 17, 2017. While in residence she received the profession care that one would expected at other facilities but rarely attain.

The past six months of her life, she barely recognized anyone. But, “OH MY GOD” the care was so wonderful that although there was very little recognition; she reproduced the most amazing smiles each time a nurse or a care giver touched her daily life. For that I am eternally grateful.

A nurse at your Alexandria facility is a person who does much honor to the nursing profession. Her attitude touched my heart in every way. She watched over both my Monica and the other residents in the cottages like the proverbial “Mother Hen”. Her diligence, caring and the gentle manner with which she performed and is performing her daily rounds does much credit to her profession.

About three years ago I was part of a commercial that Spring Hills filmed here at the Alexandria facility. My comments in that video have never wavered one iota. Thank you Spring Hills @ Mount Vernon for who you are and for what you do!!