Meryl Rachlin

Highly recommend – Spring Hills Hunters Creek! My mom moved into Spring hills just over a year ago. She is turning 91 in overall good health with the exception of mild dementia and the use of a walker due to having had a broken femur about a year before moving in…. She LOVES it at Spring Hill. We are all impressed by the overall cleanliness and upkeep of the building. My mom likes the food a lot and she has gained 30 pounds having gone from a size 8 to petite 14…I don’t care…she should enjoy eating at this point in her life. The social activities she engages in mostly and seems to attend all the religious services (shes not religious!) and always has a million books from the library in her room. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They don’t go on too many interesting trips but I guess they do not get a lot of response to go on them when they are offered by the residents. The rooms are all very bright and cheerful. Overall I am extremely pleased how this has worked out for us. Very nice place with good care and smiling faces. I would recommend!