Ernie Kaufman’s Daughter

We started working with Spring Hills Home Health Care when our Father, 90 years old, fell and broke his wrist. He was in the hospital for a few days and then went to a physical rehab center to regain his strength. He lives in an assisted living facility but we thought he might need some extra help once he got back home, to “get back in the swing” of things.

The team from Spring Hills has been amazing!!! They met with us explained all the services they offer and we started with the 72 hour continuous care program. They attended the discharge planning meeting at the rehab facility, they escorted Dad back to his apartment and stayed with him round the clock for the first 3 days. The staff was continually checking in with us and our Dad and nothing fell through the cracks. We would not have been able to manage the “maze” of doctors, therapists evaluations etc. without them.

They have been available day and night and the level of comfort that brings cannot be measured. We highly recommend their services. Bottom line, they do what they say they are going to do and we sleep better at night knowing our Dad is being taken care of.