Dear Sanjay and Staff

Dear Sanjay and Staff

It is with heartfelt appreciation and great respect that I write this note of thanks to the Springhills community. Jerry and I, Kara and Ryan and Josh and Shannon want you all to know how appreciative we are for the love and caring provided to our father, father-in-law and grandfather, Larry Rubin over the last weeks of his life.

We have always felt that Springhills was a special place, but during the last several months and weeks our experience exceeded all expectations. Our thanks to the caregivers assigned to my dad, in particular to Rosa, Shawnique, and Shareeda who insured that he was comfortable and clean and that the room he shared with my mom was neat and inviting. His nurses Pauline, Susan, and Maria provided the necessary nursing care and medication to insure that his last days were peaceful and without pain. In addition, the coordinated efforts between the Springhills staff and Samaritan Hospice insured that my dad’s care was round the clock and without interruption. And certainly they were all conscious of my mother’s needs and how she was responding to my dad’s situation. In the dining room Lashanda and John worked together to assist my mom when ordering meals and they watched for signs that she may not have been delighted with a meal selection. When that occurred they consistently tried something else. Many times they suggested to me what she might like to eat. And of course my mom’s caregivers continued to provide her with loving care she has always received from the Spring hills staff. And of course we are grateful to Suzette at the front desk and all the wonderful guys downstairs. John, Phil, Bob and Dave always had a good word for my dad and for Jerry and I whenever we visited. My dad always talked about “his guys downstairs”.

When adult children become responsible for the selection of an assisted living community for their parent(s) it can become enormously stressful and confusing. The choices are quite varied and consideration must be given to a wide variety of factors and needs. Jerry and I looked at 13 different communities is 3 states before settling on Spring hills.

The Rubin’s joined the community in April 2014 and over the last almost three years we continue to feel that we made the best decision for them and for us. During this time we have had to meet many times with both Eriol and Sanjay to work out important issues as needs and circumstances changed. Jerry and I always felt that my parents’ care was a partnership. Regardless of the issues we were confident that we would be able to come to consensus because meeting the needs of my parents was always the priority. Not only for us, but for them as well. “

The concierge staff, Michele and Francesca along with Maureen welcomed both my parents into activities and were able to skillfully include each of them beautifully. I never felt that their dignity was compromised, even when the activity may have surpassed their ability level. And a special shout out to Brian for the remarkable job he does with celebrations and special events. Our children and grandchildren always look forward to coming for these family events.

And of course a huge thank you to Kevin and his staff. Needless to say there have been many times when their assistance with cleaning and “sprucing up” was enormously important. We all know that the rooms in an assisted living community can sometimes take quite a beating. Kevin’s attention to those needs insured that when we walked into my parents’ “home” it was both clean and well maintained.

Over these last three years Springhills has become “home” to The Rubins. Our grandchildren have been visiting weekly since they were born and have developed wonderful relationships with the staff and other residents. They are always comfortable and “lively” when they arrive and Reese will always notice when we are in the neighborhood. Our family has, and will continue to participate in holiday celebrations and special events as we continue to spend time with our mom, Bubbe, and “Great” Bubbe, Micki Rubin.

Please know how much we appreciate all that Spring hills has become to us and how much we value and appreciate everyone who has supported us during this most difficult time.
The Spring hills Cherry Hill community is truly something special.