A lifestyle, a commitment, a dream…

In everything we do at Spring Hills Senior Communities, we encourage health, wellness and peace of mind for total well-being. Signature Touches – an expansive project resulting from several years of thoughtful research and planning – represents our commitment to making healthy living the foundation of every aspect of life. Our Signature Touches are services dedicated to caring for our residents. By focusing on specific needs and desires, it allows us to design community services that enhance quality of life, respect time-honored passions, and engage residents in new experiences. Associates from every department recognize the uniqueness of our residents, and each has a role to play. Residents continue to experience life at Spring Hills Senior Communities.

What’s Best for You

Our Community Relations Counselors and Coordinators work to understand the needs and desires of people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the external community. They provide resources for services that are needed while at home, to help ensure that home continues to be a safe and comforting place. Our Counselors guide seniors and their loved ones in understanding the various options available to assist in the discovery of what is best for their current situation.  Not ready for assisted living?  Our Spring Hills Home Care Services team will start providing you the care and assistance you need, right in your own home!

At Your Service

Knowing that each stage of our resident’s journey can be emotionally challenging for them as well as their families, our experienced Resident Concierge will ensure that all our residents are receiving individualized care. They understand our residents’ personal preferences from the moment our new residents arrive. To reduce stress, our Resident Concierge’s most significant role is to communicate with all parties (associates, families, residents, outside services) to make certain that our residents are experiencing all that Spring Hills has to offer throughout their stay. So if tea is the preferred beverage, our dining staff will know that tidbit. If red lipstick over mauve is the preference, our care staff will be informed. If a resident wants to set a personal goal, our friendly and encouraging Resident Concierge will make sure that associates and families help them achieve it. Have a Question? Feel confident that there is someone to make sure resolutions are prompt through this unique service.

Caring to Exceed Expectations

We do not limit ourselves to assistance with daily living services; that is just where it begins. Our associates understand and know the details of each resident’s likes and dislikes, down to how they like to wear their hair, the color socks they prefer, and the lotions they like to use. They learn these preferences upon move-in, and observe changes throughout their stay. Having qualified LPNs and RNs oversee the clinical needs of our residents allows us to further enhance their health and wellness. By understanding the benefits gained by recommending additional services such as chiropractic, massage therapy, podiatry, or even our Signature Fitness Classes, value can be added to our residents’ daily lives. For example, we know a simple art class can strengthen dexterity, improve ability to focus, soothe anxiety, or fight depression. Our Resident Care team excels with this whole person, wellness approach.

Fresh and Clean

Cleaning our apartments to our residents’ liking is our goal. By knowing our residents so well, our housekeepers appreciate their precious family mementos, as well as their habits. Paying attention to it all, and frequency of cleaning, ensures our residents are happy with our service.

Our Signature Touches

  1. Exercise Physiology 1:1 sessions
  2. Group Exercise classes
  3. Private Duty Home Care Services
  4. Private Duty Nursing Services
  5. Care Management Services
  6. Nutritional Management Programs
  7. Medication Management Programs
  8. Medical Wellness Assessments by licensed nurses
  9. Transitional Risk Management Programs
  10. Social Day Programs with Assisted Living Partners
  11. Signature Wellness Exercise Program
  12. Signature Dining To Go
  13. Senior Living Partners
  14. Best Placement Services
  15. TeleHealth Remote Monitoring
  16. Life Skills Management Program


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