Furry Friends Are Part of the Family

At Spring Hills Senior Communities

There are so many benefits to interacting with pets, and at Spring Hills, we are pleased  to provide wellness programs such as pet therapy in order to improve the health and quality of life for your loved ones. This is where our Pets Are Welcome (PAW) Program comes in!

The elderly often struggle with limitations and life challenges that are beyond their control. Whether your loved one has experienced a recent loss or is dealing with an illness, an afternoon spent with a fuzzy companion can make all the difference. Our residents enjoy the added comfort found in engaging with our very own pets. We also welcome family pets.

Many of our residents who interact with our four-legged friends reap several benefits while enjoying the power of puppy love! Studies indicate that those who spend regular time with pets often have lower blood pressure and triglyceride counts. Residents may engage more with others and exhibit more alertness, and some with forms of dementia are known to be less aggressive and more tolerant when interacting with an animal. This wonderful and beneficial form of therapy has worked right before our eyes at Spring Hills Senior Communities, and we want your loved one to reap the benefits of this program as well.

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