November Creative Cart Contest: Who did it best?

Below are all of the November ‘Grateful Hearts’ Creative Carts from our communities. View each one and vote for your favorite cart at the bottom of the page! Already know who you are voting for? Scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your vote!



Creative Cart | Spring Hills Somerset

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Veterans

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

We often forget how grateful we should be for the liberties we have such as freedom of speech, justice, and democracy. All of which have been given and fought for us by the brave men and women who have served in our armed forces. So today we at Spring Hills Somerset give our grateful hearts to the veterans in our community as well as the wives of veterans in our community. We honor them this day and everyday for their bravery and their sacrifices. Today we present to them our Grateful Hearts Cart which displays the patriotism they have shown to us. With a little extra special touch, we had a few of our veterans and the wives of veterans bring picture of their loved ones in their service uniform. As we listened, the staff could only smile and be thankful hearing their stories. We then presented to them a certificate of gratitude, as well as a service coin to give thanks. And because no day is complete without light refreshments we offer them fresh fruits, bagel with spread, and a cup of hot coffee to strengthen their hearts.

Happy Veterans Day! Grateful Hearts Spring Hills Somerset.



Creative Cart | Spring Hills Middletown 

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Community

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

Spring Hills staff and residents are the grateful hearts of our community. Our residents enjoyed helping with this cart and telling story’s of the many things in life they were thankful for.

Cherry Hill


Creative Cart | Spring Hills Cherry Hill

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Our Residents

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

What was the inspiration behind creation of this cart?

Our fall photo shoot was the inspiration behind the cart.

How was the cart utilized to engage Residents?

We printed the residents pictures and sent to their POA or given to the residents who were couples (they decided what to do with it). We wanted to continue with the theme/book the “Garden”. We are an extended family to these residents at Spring Hills.

Describe how this was a success oriented activity enjoyed by residents?

The residents were oriented to the cart by recognizing their pictures, giving us the address of their loved one, they wanted to receive the card and helping decorate the cart



Creative Cart | Spring Hills Morristown

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Traveling Happy Hour

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

The SHAM Cart was inspired by the November theme of GRATITUDE. Throughout the week residents spent time during a variety of Activities discussing the theme of Gratitude. We were inspired by reading “The Garden” we were inspired by the love and gratitude we have for our Family and Friends. The Culmination was the creation of their own GRATEFUL HEART. We strung all the hearts together because at the end of the day we have so much GRATITUDE for being safe, healthy and loved during these uncharted times. Residents not only enjoyed the creative process but got such a kick out of seeing their GRATITUDE on display as the Grateful Hearts Traveling Happy Hour Cart made its way around the community!

Hunter's Creek


Creative Cart | Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Holidays

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

Our inspiration for the cart was “Grateful Holiday Hearts” where we combined some Christmas cheer with the spirit of gratitude. There’s Christmas décor throughout, heart shaped treats, and quotes about gratitude featured on the card as a conversation starter as we bring it room to room, serving Residents treats and bringing a themed craft! We engaged the Residents by offering a cartside snack, but also giving them the opportunity to use their creativity. As you can see we have heart shaped wreaths that we pre-attached holiday themed yarn to. Residents then simply needed to spin the yarn around the wreath to create a beautiful, festive reminder to keep a grateful heart this holiday season, one they can hang right on their door! This was a great success- Residents loved the vibrant, holiday colors combined with the warm heart symbols. The cart itself was great for conversation surrounding what we are thankful for and what memories we fill our hearts this holiday season! The crafts were one more way to really connect this theme with our Residents. Overall a great celebration!

San Antonio


Creative Cart | Poet’s Walk San Antonio 

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Quotes

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

Our creative cart for Grateful Hearts is a collaboration of quotes collected from the residents and displayed on the branches from the tree. Since our facility is still on quarantine, we added new quotes to our community pumpkin as we visited each room to interact. This cart was a humbling experience to hear what each resident was grateful for especially during tough times. We later used the quotes in a collage craft for another activity that is still in progress.

Lake MAry


Creative Cart | Spring Hills Lake Mary

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Thanksgiving

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

o What was the inspiration behind creation of this cart?
– Our inspiration for this cart was Thanksgiving! A holiday where we are reflective of the things we are grateful for and thankful for. That is why we decided to go with the theme of the turkey. Since the theme of the cart had the word hearts in it. We thought it would be cute to turn the turkey’s feathers into the shapes of hearts. Everything was hand-made and glued/put together!

o How was the cart utilized to engage Residents?
– We used the cart to engage residents in reflective conversations. We went around doing 1:1’s (keep the carts design a secret from them), asking them a few things they were grateful for. They wrote it down on the hearts. We even went around asking staff members what they were grateful for and had them write on the hearts as well. When we finally revealed the final cart to everyone, residents and staff stopped by reading all that people had written. Going around with the cart we served some of the residents’ favorite pies- pecan, peace and apple- as well as coffee. Some even stopped to write what they were grateful for since they hadn’t gotten the chance to o so before!

o Describe how this was a success oriented activity enjoyed by Residents.
– The residents loved seeing how everyone had written things down. They loved seeing that they were a part of such a beautiful design, they felt proud! They also really were grateful for their favorite pies being served. They enjoyed how it brought them closer to the staff and to each other. We enjoyed seeing them smile. Hands down one of our favorite carts!



Creative Cart | Spring Hills Matawan

Theme: Grateful Hearts – Grateful Tree

What can you tell us about your Creative Cart?

What are YOU grateful for?

For this Creative Cart, we went around to our residents and asked them what they were grateful for.

We put their answers on paper hearts and hung them from our “Grateful Tree”!

Thanksgiving being just around the corner played a huge impact on this activity, and the residents loved it! This made them reflect on what they’re grateful for, which brought a smile to all of their faces.

This cart was a successful activity because it helped the residents reflect on what they were grateful for and made them think about their loved ones.


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