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What’s it like to use our home health care company, or reside at one of our Alzheimer’s care facilities? Hear from people who can tell you first hand—our clients. From the attentive staff to extensive Signature Touches, Spring Hills Senior Communities will exceed your expectations every day. Read the testimonials below and see our awards to find out more about the distinctive way we provide senior adult care.

I absolutely LOVE this community! My grandma came in reluctant to come and leave her home... it has been 7 days and she is now so happy and relieved to be safe and have things to do. When we moved they has a band playing, she has already been down for church service and a Macy's trip! They had a bit of a hiccup getting used to her medication schedule and how to handle her mood swings with her dementia, but I guess it's normal while they got to know her. She is now happy and loves coming down to dinner with her new table peers. I must say that these people held my hand through my numerous guilt attacks.... I mean, all and all... Spring Hills staff made a very hard situation a much easier one. They truly care for their residents and their family.
Felicia G.
Good Afternoon,I wanted to... say good job to Carmelia! She received her first testimonial today. She started working with Carol and her husband John back in September. They have a great relationship with Carmelia and are so thankful for all that we have done. Keep up the good work guys!
Caitlyn Back
Kindly accept this note as a form of appreciation and acknowledgement that Tonoya Webb performed, in my view, beyond ‘ordinary expectation’ caring for my father Donald O. Edwards. Each time I visited she was taking outstanding care of my dad serving his needs. She made sure he was clean, dressed and fed with anything he desired. Even though he refused to eat in his last few days Tonoya made sure dad was comfortable and wanted for nothing.Her customer service skills and dedication to her job is not something you find often and you should be honored and delighted to have her amongst your staff. Please share a special recognition award of some sort as the employee of the month or a similar fifteen minutes of ‘fame’From a truly delighted customer of Spring-Hills, thanks to your staff and especially Tonoya for the care and love exhibited and shared with my dad – Donald O. Edwards.Again, please let her know of this correspondence.Thanks again!
Derick O. Edwards
Dear Ms OLeary,I felt the need to write to you to let you know how very happy I am with the care my mother is getting in your spring hills Morristown location. My name is Bette and I am the daughter of Thelma V, age 95. My mother lived with my family for over 13 years before I realized I could no longer care for her safely and placed her in Spring Hills M/T 2 1/2 years ago.I was so nervous leaving someone else to care for her, but I have found the entire staff caring and responsible, always pleasant and smiling. They are taking wonderful care of my mom on a daily basis, and always treat her with respect and courtesy. I visit my mom at least once a week, and the entire staff is always so helpful to both mom and myself. My mom is deaf, and hesitates to join in the various functions going on, but the aides always come by and talk her into participating in the activities offered. Karen Griffiths has been a wonderful help to both mom and myself. Whenever I have any questions or problems, she has always taken the time to respond immediately by email or phone call to allow me to feel comfortable and welcomed. I remember one time she caught me crying in the hallway over my mother, and she put her arms around me and comforted me and assured me all would be alright.Spring Hills is now an important part of my family, and I have every bit of confidence that they are taking care of my mom with the same love, caring and respect that I would. I honestly don't know what I would do without Karen Griffiths and Spring Hills. Just thought you might want to know what a great job Spring Hills M/T is doing.
Alex,My mother, Selma Rosenberg has been a resident of Spring Hills, Cherry Hill since September 2013.  Over this time period, she has seen and had many caregivers, dining staff nurses, directors etc.  I am happy to say that I feel the overall facility is above any others in the area.Within this 4 year period, we have never been let down by Chef Brian.  His food is always healthy and well prepared for the residents “aged” taste buds.  I have never heard a complaint from any resident with who I have shared many a meal while joining my mom.Sanjay’s arrival to the facility has been nothing but positive.  He continues to improve the facility,  He demonstrates a great love and concern for the residents and always has time to talk to them or address any concerns that come up.  I look forward to this continuing improvement plans and the positive results that will occur.My main reason for taking my time to construct this letter to you is to give an outstanding acknowledgment to Lashonda who is part of the dining staff.  She above all has the patience, understanding, and love for her residents. She is so aware of the food likes and dislikes of my mother.  She knows that with mom’s aged macular degeneration that her eyes do not allow her to read the beautiful menu choices.   She first asks my mom how hungry she is and whether or not she would like a big meal or a little meal.  Once receiving that answers she lets her know some choices that she has eaten on prior days but also makes sure that she tells her some new items that she may be interested to have to eat. She treats her with respect and love.Lashonda not only concerns herself with the meals that my mom eats but is always observing to make sure that mom is not displaying any new or unusual symptoms that could signal a health risk.Lashonda pours out love from the way she speaks and the actions she takes to ensure that my mom is always in a happy, comfortable state of mind and body.  This creates a warm and welcoming day for mom.  It gives her an opportunity to share her day or thoughts knowing someone is close by to listen to her and care about her.  In addition to my numerous visits mom used to be able to use her cell phone to call or answer my daily phone calls.  As of recent, this has become a task that is more and more difficult for her.  Knowing that Lashonda is there and that mom can’t help but bond with her is so very reassuring for me.If there is a Medal of Honor for Caring to be awarded in your healthcare system I strongly nominate Lashonda. I also am aware that the direction from Sanjay gives Lashonda and others under his directorship the ability to do so.Thank you so much for bringing her into my mother’s life.
Smiles Program allows me to see my mom. Thank you for the pictures and commentary. It has been many years since I have seen my Mom so happy and yes, and as healthy as could be expected for a woman of her age and with her health problems. I can not thank you and the staff at Spring Hills enough. God bless and thank you again for caring for my Mom.
My mother-in-law is at Singing Woods. It has a very homey feeling to it. The rooms are good size, and the cost is good as well. The staff is very good. They are very friendly and caring. The director and nursing director are both outstanding, they always make me feel better and address any concerns I have. The sales person was very helpful as well. The nurses and caregivers are attentive. The food is very good. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. The facility is easy to get around because it is all on one floor. The other thing is, they have animals there that visit. Recently had alpaca's they were adorable and the residents loved them. They have activities. They have sing alongs, entertainment, socials and daily excercise. Our loved gets great care and I would recommend them to others.
I moved my Mother to Singing Woods from another facility where she had been a resident for 2 1/2 years. What a contrast - a positive one. All the staff have been so friendly and helpful. My mother and I have felt welcome and special from day one. The nurses & caregivers interaction with her is amazing. They are patient and kind. She has been at singing woods for over a year now and she has received excellent care. I have not one complaint and I have not regretted moving her one bit. I can relax and know she is receiving excellent care.
Dear Sir/Madam:My wife, Monica L. Young was a resident at your Alexandria, Virginia facility from April 27, 2013 until her passing on August 17, 2017. While in residence she received the profession care that one would expected at other facilities but rarely attain.The past six months of her life, she barely recognized anyone. But, "OH MY GOD" the care was so wonderful that although there was very little recognition; she reproduced the most amazing smiles each time a nurse or a care giver touched her daily life. For that I am eternally grateful.A nurse at your Alexandria facility is a person who does much honor to the nursing profession. Her attitude touched my heart in every way. She watched over both my Monica and the other residents in the cottages like the proverbial "Mother Hen". Her diligence, caring and the gentle manner with which she performed and is performing her daily rounds does much credit to her profession.About three years ago I was part of a commercial that Spring Hills filmed here at the Alexandria facility. My comments in that video have never wavered one iota. Thank you Spring Hills @ Mount Vernon for who you are and for what you do!!
William B. Young
We started working with Spring Hills Home Health Care when our Father, 90 years old, fell and broke his wrist. He was in the hospital for a few days and then went to a physical rehab center to regain his strength. He lives in an assisted living facility but we thought he might need some extra help once he got back home, to “get back in the swing” of things.The team from Spring Hills has been amazing!!! They met with us explained all the services they offer and we started with the 72 hour continuous care program. They attended the discharge planning meeting at the rehab facility, they escorted Dad back to his apartment and stayed with him round the clock for the first 3 days. The staff was continually checking in with us and our Dad and nothing fell through the cracks. We would not have been able to manage the “maze” of doctors, therapists evaluations etc. without them. They have been available day and night and the level of comfort that brings cannot be measured. We highly recommend their services. Bottom line, they do what they say they are going to do and we sleep better at night knowing our Dad is being taken care of.

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Spring Hills has continuously been one of the best senior home care facilities within the industry. At Spring Hills, we strive to be exceptional and give our members outstanding care and attention.