The Therapeutic Effects of Coloring for Seniors

Adult Coloring BooksWho didn’t enjoy a fresh box of crayons as a child? Today, the timeless activity of coloring is emerging as a form of recreation therapy for senior citizens. Because of its positive impact on mental health, Spring Hills is thrilled to offer therapeutic coloring as a part of our caring, holistic senior rehabilitation services. Within this activity, residents are provided adult coloring books, high-quality art supplies, and a welcoming studio environment where they can truly reconnect with their inner artist.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Adult Coloring

According to the American Art Therapy Association, those who use color therapy report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, reduced anxiety, and a boost in self-confidence. This is due to the noted changes in heart rate and brain wave patterns that an individual experiences when coloring foliage, mandalas, and other themes commonly found in adult coloring books.

Through coloring, we’ve seen our residents experience the following benefits:

  • Mental Stimulation – This simple and enjoyable activity inspires the mind, stimulates brain activity, and encourages a more engaging attitude towards other activities.
  • Creative Self-Expression – Everyone needs a creative outlet with which to express themselves; through coloring therapy, seniors have the chance to charge their imaginations and get their creative juices flowing.
  • Improved Cognitive Functioning – Research shows that coloring can increase concentration and improve cognitive functioning, making it particularly useful for memory care
  • Increased Confidence – This alternative therapy is known for helping the mind focus on the present, making it easier to let go of internal chatter about the external environment that may make a senior feel insecure.
  • Stress Relief – Through promoting mindfulness, coloring has been shown to ease stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Dexterity Improvement – The repetitive motion of coloring increases dexterity and allows even those who suffer from motor impairment, such as dementia patients, to express themselves.

Therapeutic Coloring as a Solution to Seasonal Depression

At our assisted living facilities, we’ve found coloring to be an ideal form of recreation therapy during the winter months. With decreased exposure to sunlight, adults of all ages are more susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sundowner’s Syndrome. Coloring therapy provides a simple, yet powerful solution for easing the melancholy that many may experience during this time of year, bringing a ray of joy and serenity to our communities.

We encourage you to introduce any elderly loved ones in your life to the therapeutic effects of coloring!

To learn more about how different alternative therapies like those in our Signature Touches Program can give seniors a peace of mind, contact us today.