Spring Hills Senior Communities Creates a Smooth Transition for Seniors as They Move Through the Health Care System

Alexandria, NJ (September 25, 2019) – Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living and Spring Hills Home Care Services are the perfect team to successfully eliminate the ill effects of transfer trauma in seniors as they move through the health care system, or into a new residence. Transfer trauma can occur when an individual must adapt to a new situation, whether it be adjusting to the sudden need for more home care or a move to an assisted living community, and it contributes to health problems and hospital readmissions, particularly among seniors. Spring Hills knows this and focuses on creating not only a smooth transition, but a welcoming one as well.

Spring Hills Home Care Services’ Welcome Home Program provides concierge level services that are implemented during the first 72 hours of the new care arrangement, when transfer trauma is most likely to occur. This period is crucial for the stabilization of the patients and for optimal recovery. The Welcome Home Program has reduced hospital readmission to a staggeringly low rate of 2.1% for Spring Hills Home Care Services clients, which is far below the national average of 15%.  In addition to the Welcome Home Program, Spring Hills Mt. Vernon employs a highly personalized approach to each and every new resident’s arrival and works closely with the family to create a warm, friendly, happy transition.

Andre Gomez, Vice President of Home Care Operations for Spring Hills Home Care Services explains, “The Welcome Home Program was created to maximize and optimize the quality of life for our clients.  We know that 90% of the $3.3 trillion allocated to health care in the US is spent during the final years of a person’s life. At Spring Hills, we are focused on giving life to those years, not merely adding years to life. We empower our clients to enjoy the best versions of their lives and enjoy this stage”. Thomas Clarke, Executive Director at Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living adds, “We like to create a WOW moment on the day a resident moves in. While we’re working hard to ensure a safe transition, we also know that it can be scary to move into an assisted living. So, we learn all about the resident and when presenting them with a gift that is chosen based on the resident’s loves, we’re communicating that they are understood and appreciated as a person, not just a medical condition.”

Alexander Markowits, President/CEO of Spring Hills Senior Communities, continues, “Spring Hills developed the Welcome Home Program to ensure that our clients have everything they need at these critical transitions. By delivering this level of care when they are at their most vulnerable, we can eliminate the risk of transfer trauma, and greatly improve our clients’ outcomes. Outcomes that are equally affected by emotion which is why our communities work so hard on each WOW moment for every resident.”

The Welcome Home Program team of professionals delivers immediate transitional care while assessing the patients’ needs and formulating a long-term plan. The Program includes:

  • One-on-one caregiver who stays with the patient morning, noon and night to help acclimate to the new situation which can include assisting with meals, navigating the new space, planning activities, unpacking and moving in, and arranging a social calendar.
  • Exercise physiologist who makes a physical assessment to maintain appropriate fitness levels.
  • A Spring Hills Home Care Services team member ensures that furniture is properly placed, that there are no throw rugs or tripping hazards, that handrails are present and correctly installed, that kitchen facilities are safe, etc.
  • Our wellness team makes sure the patient is well nourished, and is eating and drinking enough to maintain optimal health. Dehydration one of the biggest risks during transfer trauma, and this is monitored carefully.
  • A complete medical assessment is conducted by a registered nurse.
  • Medical Management Review is implemented; this includes medication, pharmacy, doctor appointments, providers, family and loved ones’ contact numbers, etc.

To ensure a smooth transition into assisted living, Spring Hills Mt. Vernon suggests the following:

  • Make sure the resident helps select the personal items they wish to bring to their new home.
  • Conduct a pre-care meeting prior to the resident’s move. This serves as a comprehensive introduction to all of the managers.  This information is used to acquaint the caregivers and professionals with the new resident.
  • Educate the Resident Concierge on the personal likes and dislikes of the new resident.
  • Nurture existing relationships or “degrees of separation” with any current residents.
  • Encourage frequent family visits; residents love to show off their children and grandchildren!
  • Embrace connections with family and friends. Once the care is arranged and the resident is safely moved in, the family relationships, which may have previously been overshadowed with the role of caregiver, can resume on a more normal level.  Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons now have the opportunity to reconnect.

The goal of the Welcome Home Program and all of the welcome strategies demonstrate the premium that Spring Hills Home Care Services and Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living places on ensuring that new residents arrive at their communities in a manner that optimizes their health, comfort, and happiness.

Spring Hills Home Care Services specializes in customized solutions for seniors, helping them to optimize independence wherever they call home. There are offices in Cherry Hill, NJ, Orlando, FL, Henderson, NV, Centerville, OH and Alexandria, VA and in Round Rock, TX. For more information, visit www.spring-hills.com/home-care-services/.

Spring Hills Mount Vernon, located at 3709 Shannons Green Way in Alexandria, provides premier assisted living and memory care with the finest amenities in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC, area. For additional information visit www.springhillsmountvernon.com.

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