The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Senior ExercisingMaintaining physical activity is good for anyone’s health, but becomes even more vital as we get older. The decrease in strength and stamina normally associated with aging is actually partly tied to a reduction in physical activity. This is why we at the Spring Hills senior care community develop customized exercise programs for our seniors and offer fitness and wellness classes that are designed to keep them motivated and active. It’s part of our deep commitment to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health of your loved one.

Why Seniors Should Stay Physically Active

The many benefits of physical activity for seniors include:

  • Help in maintaining an elderly person’s ability to live independently by improving balance, endurance, and mobility;
  • Lower risk of developing high blood pressure (for those already suffering from hypertension, reduction of blood pressure), heart disease, and preventing strokes and blood clots;
  • Help in preventing some cancers and diabetes;
  • Improvement of stamina and muscle strength – especially for those with chronic conditions and disabilities;
  • Help in maintaining healthy bones; and
  • Help in controlling joint swelling, arthritis-related pain, and some of the effects of osteoporosis.

Seniors who engage in regular physical activity are better able to stave off infections, such as pneumonia and skin problems that might lead to ulcers. The improved balance and strength in joints and muscles is also an excellent measure of fall prevention for seniors. They also tend to have more restful sleep and are less depressed and anxious.

The Best Exercises for Seniors

Regular physical activity need not be strenuous or intense for seniors. A moderate amount of exercise (preferably daily) will go far in terms of significant health benefits. Many seniors love to take walks and garden, but at Spring Hills, we offer a wide array of exercise activities, all senior-friendly and designed to support overall health and wellness:

  • Tai chi, yoga, or a similar activity with a meditative component;
  • Light aquatic exercises, such as water aerobics;
  • Stretches targeting common problem areas for seniors; and
  • Chair exercises.

Many seniors benefit from group settings, where they can encourage and inspire each other to stay active, as well as prevent instances of senior isolation.

Spring Hills Signature Touches to Support Senior Health and Wellness

At Spring Hills, we customize exercise programs for our seniors and offer a variety of physical activities and classes. Not only do we know the correlation between physical therapy and aging with better health, but we cater each client’s exercise routine to their needs and preferences. Our seniors go for revitalizing walks on our beautiful grounds, learn meditative exercises such as tai chi and yoga, and do exercises to alleviate particular pains and to build strength where they need it.

Contact us today to find out about how we customize exercise programs, or to find out more about physical therapy for your loved one.