Movement Therapy and Pain Management for Older Adults

Benefits of Senior Movement TherapyAs our bodies age, we naturally become more subject to chronic aches and pains, whether due to a past injuries or complications related to aging. At Spring Hills, we implement holistic methods of pain management for older adults, helping our assisted living residents to not only control their pain but also to maintain optimal mental health and happiness. In this holistic approach, movement therapy has become one of our most loved forms of therapeutic recreation, com
prised of physical activities suited to the capabilities of each resident.

Geriatric Pain Management through Movement

It has repeatedly been shown that a more active lifestyle can help to ease pain for seniors. Daily movement helps to keep the blood flowing, the joints lubricated, and reduces swelling throughout the body. All of these effects combine to create the end result of reduced sensations of pain over time. With regular applications of movement therapy, our residents can experience lessened pain so that they can thoroughly enjoy their golden years.

Our Pain Management Programs


We recognize that no two individuals are exactly alike and their approach to pain management should be unique, as well. That is why we offer a variety of therapeutic activities for seniors, tailored to their unique capabilities, helping them get moving as often as possible. Within our program, seniors can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Dance Therapy– Not only is dancing a great form of exercise, but it is also a lot of fun! Our residents love taking part in dance classes that allow them to have fun while moving to the music.
  • Senior-Friendly Yoga– Yoga has been proven to have benefits for practitioners of all ages but the elderly stand in particular to reap the benefits of this ancient practice. Yoga’s gentle movements and stretching help to lengthen the muscles and align the skeleton to help stop pain before it has a chance to start.
  • Tai Chi for Seniors– Similarly to yoga, tai chi involves slow, controlled movements, making it an ideal form of exercise for those who may be limited in their mobility. The practice allows each person to progress at his or her own pace, meaning there is minimal risk of injury.

Learn More about Our Pain Management Techniques

At Spring Hills, we do everything we can to ensure that our residents are safe, comfortable, and happy. We implement this approach not only within our inviting assisted living atmosphere, but also within our philosophy of pain management for older adults. By providing holistic forms of movement therapy designed to support physical and mental health, your loved one can continue leading the active lifestyle that they love, unrestrained by the chronic pain that they may face.

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