Music Therapy for Seniors

Philosophers, poets, and scientists alike have praised the virtues of music. For seniors, music can reawaken the mind and uplift the heart. That is why Spring Hills proudly offers music therapy for seniors within our Signature Programs, as part of our holistic approach to senior care.

The Benefits of Music for Memory Care Seniors

Music therapy for elderly patients, especially those receiving memory care, have experienced numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved Cognition. Music can evoke memories and elicit responses from seniors with dementia. We have especially seen positive reactions from elderly patients when they hear music from their pasts.
  • More Communication. Our caregivers have noticed that even when someone is no longer able to speak, they still recognize songs from their past, and even sing or hum along.
  • Stress Reduction. Some elderly people experience agitation and emotional stress, especially when they feel like they are losing their mental faculties. Playing soothing music has calming effects, helping to improve emotional health.
  • More Movement. The rhythm of music can help physical coordination when walking or exercising. You can help elderly loved ones develop more endurance and increase their mobility, even if it’s just toe tapping or clapping along.
  • Social Skills. Music can encourage social interaction, especially if played in groups. Maintaining social contact with others can be extremely important for seniors, especially if they suffer from depression.

Music Therapy Activities for the Elderly

Music Therapy for the ElderlyStudies confirm the positive relationship between music and the elderly brain, and our caregivers have witnessed how much our residents and clients enjoy activities when music is involved. In our memory care facilities, we use all the tools we can to really reach out to our clients and to empower them to live life to the fullest.

Spring Hills makes sure that our seniors’ days are filled with joy and music, because to us, health care is not just physical; it is mental and emotional as well. We’ve organized drum circles and sing-alongs and hosted special musical events, bringing in music groups such as local orchestral arrangements and choirs. Some of our classes even have mood music playing in the background, and many times, we simply provide our seniors headphones so they can sit back and relax to their favorite tunes.

Not only do our assisted living residents enjoy music therapy–our home care recipients do, too!  Contact us to find out more about the music therapy programs we offer at your nearest assisted living facility.