Love for Senior Flourishes When Asking for Support From Others… Advice From Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living

ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 13, 2019) – It’s Valentine’s Day and the time when people think about love. For families, that love is shown by caring for one another.  With aging loved ones, that care can be stressful, even overwhelming and relationships can change as they are riddled with angst. The caregiver, in addition to the senior, needs support.

Bukky Daniels, Director of Resident Care at Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living, knows that, when it’s the right time, moving into a senior community can improve the life of the senior as well as the caregiver. She wants to remind family members that it’s important to ask for help during the transition of the move. She said, “Asking for help when taking care of an aging loved one is important for everyone. We’ve seen the change in relationships when a senior moves in to Spring Hills Mt. Vernon. The family members begin to smile more when they’re around their loved one. It’s clear that stress is removed while the resident is able to continue growing, making new friends and learning new things every day.”

If it isn’t the right time to move a loved one into an assisted living facility, the caregiver needs to ask for support from others. Daniels made these suggestions:

  • Favorite Hobbies — When asking for help, think about the person being asked and what their interests might be. For example, if someone likes to cook, they could prepare meals for the caregiver that can easily be reheated throughout the week. Since cooking is a passion, it wouldn’t be a chore. It would be fun, and the caregiver will get much needed support.
  • Keep Lists Handy – Be prepared when anyone offers to help and have a list of tasks that are needed. Let them choose their own task from the list.
  • Be Direct — It is better to ask for help directly than to hint at what’s needed. It’s also better to ask early, before it becomes a desperate need.
  • Say, “Yes” – One’s instinct is to say, “No” to an offer of support but saying, “Yes” to a friend offering help allows them to feel needed and allows the caregiver to get much needed relief.
  • Home Care Services – Seriously consider working with a home care company. The home care aide can take care of bathing of the patient and the care of the home, for example, allowing more time for a loving connecting between the caregiver and the senior. Spring Hills Home Care Services works diligently to give the best possible care to a person in need.

A senior who can no longer take care of themselves may need and deserve more attention and care than a loved one can provide. Allowing friends and professionals to help will provide more time for family members to enjoy each other.

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