Home Care vs. Assisted Living: Which is the Best Choice for your Loved One?

At Spring Hills, we understand that making the choice between home care and assisted living isn’t an easy one. Fortunately, both services offer unique advantages, each designed to enhance the quality of life and well-being of loved ones who require care.

  Assisted Living Private Home Care
Living Arrangements & Amenities While it is not uncommon for some to be at first apprehensive about assisted living, many come to realize that it does offer a very loving and supportive environment.

Each of our resort-like Spring Hills facilities is designed to be welcoming, from the dining room (complete with our Signature Dining) to the shared or private suites to the outdoor grounds.

At Spring Hills, residents who love their furry friends can take advantage of our unique PAW (Pets Are Welcome) Program.

Home care allows seniors to live at home, where they may feel most comfortable. Though their caregiver may not reside with them on a 24-hour basis, they can assist in all daily activities, such as meal preparation, running errands, and household chores.

Whether you request a bilingual caregiver or your loved one would like somebody who shares in their beliefs, at Spring Hills we strive to pair each senior with a caregiver best suited to their needs and interests.

Socialization & Activities Assisted living facilities like Spring Hills offer an abundance of Signature Programs, including wellness classes and group events. These activities are designed to foster an environment built upon healthy social interaction.

From playing card games in a common area to chatting over meals together to participating in one of our on-site events, seniors have ample opportunity to form lasting relationships and stimulate their minds and senses.

Private home care allows seniors the opportunity to interact with family members and friends who may not be able to visit an assisted living facility as frequently as they’d like.

While some believe private home care limits the opportunity to form new relationships, Spring Hills home care seniors can participate in our Signature Programs, attending ongoing wellness classes and social events with their caregiver. This means they do have the opportunity to interact with others!

Medical Care and Attention Whether you and your loved one opt for assisted living or private home care, you can experience the benefit of 24/7 monitoring via or unique Signature Trends. Through this program, you can be ensured that your loved is receiving proper medical attention, as well as having their daily activities monitored to ensure they are living healthily and happily.

Making the Right Choice Between Home Care and Assisted Living

At Spring Hills, each of our services provides seniors with the enriching and personalized care they deserve. To help you determine whether assisted living or private home care is right for your loved one, compare the differences and see which option offers both you and your loved one the greatest peace of mind.

To discuss which form of senior care is most appropriate for your family, contact us to set up a tour.