Tips for Helping Aging Parents Stay in Their Home

For most seniors, home is not just where they sleep; it is where their lives are lived. They have invested years financially and emotionally in their home, which most likely house many precious memories. Spring Hills knows that many seniors are perfectly capable of continuing to live at home but may simply require a little help. That’s why, in addition to the care of our assisted living facilities, Spring Hills offers dedicated home care services.

The Benefits of Aging in Place for Senior Citizens

If your loved one doesn’t need the extensive care of an assisted living community, there are many benefits of elderly individuals staying at home for as long as possible.

  • Peace of Mind and Stability. For many seniors, home means safety and security. It has been their refuge for years and it may be the place they are most comfortable.
  • Familiarity. Since they have made this home what it is, they know what they have and where everything goes. It can be confusing getting to know a brand new place!
  • Routines and Memories. Their lives may revolve around their home and their neighborhood. Their doctor, dentist, pharmacist, grocer, bank – and their friends – may all be nearby.

For seniors who are beginning to lose their memory, or suffering from dementia, it may be hard enough for them just coming to terms with it. Being at home can sometimes help them maintain their emotional well-being as they experience the natural changes of aging.

How to Help a Senior Living at Home

In many cases, it is simply a matter of finding a bit of in-home assistance to help with some daily activities or tasks. This help can be offered by family members or close friends who can:

  • help with grooming or getting dressed, even if that simply means popping by once a day
  • do some cleaning, laundry, or yard work once a week
  • bring meals or help them prepare meals in the home
  • assist with organizing medications for the week – there are even specially designed devices to remind people to take medicines and special pill boxes that may be helpful
  • look over and help manage bills and finances – if they are computer savvy, you may even teach them how to do online banking

Simple home modifications can be performed if you are worried about your loved one’s safety. If they have mobility issues, you can acquire walkers, electric scooters, lifts for stairs, and special bathtubs. Many cities have special public transportation services for people with mobility difficulties.

Take Advantage of Private Home Care from Dedicated Caregivers

How to Help Seniors Stay in their HomeSpring Hills home care services have provided so much help for seniors living at home. Our trained and knowledgeable team of caregivers are familiar with the health concerns that elderly individuals commonly face, and are capable of providing the care and attention that is needed. Senior home care recipients are also encouraged to join us at their nearest Spring Hills facility to participate in the programs and events being held!

Contact us to find out more about how you can help your loved one continue living in their home for as long as they can, or to learn about our dedicated home care services.