Therapeutic Gifts for Dementia Sufferers in Assisted Living

During the holiday season, friends and families come together to celebrate, though for memory loss patients and their families, fully enjoying the holiday excitement can be a challenge. To keep spirits high and reduce stress, it is important to maintain traditions that your family has loved, while embracing the peace and thankfulness of the season.

At Spring Hills assisted living facilities, we believe that family and friends can enjoy each moment with their loved ones throughout the holidays. One way we suggest that families to keep the holiday spirit alive is to continue with gift giving. If you’re not sure what sort of therapeutic options might be helpful to your loved ones, we have compiled some suggestions which we have seen both bring out smiles and help to foster a healthy lifestyle.

Ideal Therapeutic Gifts for Seniors Receiving Dementia Care

This comprehensive list of gifts for dementia sufferers has been compiled with our expertise as leaders in memory care. We have included gifts appropriate for those who are at every stage of dementia.

Gifts for Early Stage Dementia Patients

When seniors are in the early stages of dementia, they are usually managing a noticeable increase in memory loss and may struggle to keep concentration. These present ideas stimulate their minds and make the season brighter:

  • Craft supplies—Gifts that support art and fiber hobbies, such as coloring or knitting, help dementia patients maintain their creativity and allow for healthy self-expression.
  • Journals and decorative stationery—Jotting down reminders is a crucial aspect of self-care for early-stage dementia patients. Having beautiful stationary can help the need for reminders feel empowering instead of limiting. Creative free-writing and journaling also stimulate the mind.
  • A family fun afternoon—Spending time with family is the best gift of all. Take your loved one to the movies, or go to a diner for coffee and dessert. Keeping seniors active and engaged helps to maintain their mental sharpness.

Middle to Late Stage Gifts

For dementia sufferers who are experiencing a more severe memory loss, finding great gift ideas can feel challenging. Focus on bringing a smile to your loved one’s face.

  • Music—Music is enjoyable for everyone, regardless of how their dementia and symptoms have progressed. Give your loved one a favorite album or a recording of therapeutic melodies.
  • Photographs—Photographs help to beautify a room and improve recollection of loved ones. Decorative photo albums or a scrapbook can both be meaningful.
  • Comfort items—Gifts like cozy slippers, a soft blanket, or scented bath products, can all make lovely gifts for those who live in an assisted living facility. Sensory stimulation can help evoke a sense of pleasure and peace.

At Spring Hills, we want to help you support your loved one through the holidays and at all times. Contact us to discover more about our gift giving suggestions or memory care facilities.