A Clean Slate for 2017: Fall Prevention Programs for the Elderly

Falls are a very real problem for seniors, serving as the leading cause of injury for elder adults. Because this is such a noted concern for those within the Spring Hills community, we are proud to offer a fall prevention program to education seniors and their caregivers, as well as help them take the right steps to ensure safety and well-being. With the informed insight and care from professional home care services, it is possible to prevent falls!

Our Fall-Prevention Checklist for Caregivers

As we age, our center of balance changes and our coordination decreases. In addition to these natural changes, reduced vision and the use of medication can contribute to the risk of falling. While we unfortunately cannot completely eliminate the risk of falling, there are a few precautionary steps that a family caregiver can take to decrease the chances of a fall or a fall-related injury in the home:

  • Place double-sided tape underneath rugs to prevent slipping
  • Remove all items from hallways, pathways, and stairs
  • Coil all appliances and electronic cords along walls to clear walkways
  • Place a light near all stairways and hallways
  • Have an electrician install a light switch at both the top and bottom of every stairway; you can request switches that glow
  • Attach non-slip rubber treads to all stairs
  • Ensure that handrails are sturdy and as long as all stairways; have repaired if necessary
  • Place all items in the kitchen (food, appliances, etc) on the lower shelves and counter tops to avoid the need for reaching
  • Ask a carpenter to install grab bars around the toilet and bathtub
  • Purchase a high-quality step stool with bars to hold onto for when using one is necessary
  • Make sure that there is an easy-to-reach light source from the bed, preferably on both sides

A Senior Care Community Committed to Fall Prevention

At Spring Hills, our Fall Prevention Program is geared towards elderly individuals who are living at home, as well as those residing in our assisted living facilities. We work with both family members and our seniors to develop exercise programs that can improve balance and increase strength, as well as offer free in-home assessments that can ensure a more secure environment for your loved one.

If you want to make sure your loved one is safe and sound at home, contact us here to set up a free, in-house assessment and learn more about Spring Hill’s ongoing Fall Prevention services.