Cutting Edge Technology Enhances Quality of Life and Care at Atrium Senior Living and Post Acute Care of Park Ridge

Park Ridge, NJ (July 18, 2019) –SMILE, PointClickCare, Trending Technology, eMAR, and Electronic Health Records are just some of the cutting-edge innovations that Atrium Senior Living of Park Ridge and Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge has implemented for the care and safety of their residents and patients. These programs enhance monitoring of the residents’ health and activity, improve communication with families, and afford staff more time and ability to engage directly with residents while also streamlining collaboration with doctors and other professionals for both residents and patients.

Christina Candido, Executive Director of Atrium Senior Living of Park Ridge, explains: “Our mission is to optimize the lives of our seniors and deliver peace of mind to their loved ones. By accessing all of the latest technology, we optimize care, improve communication with doctors, and enable families to keep a close eye on their loved ones. This is the ideal outcome for everyone concerned.” Danielle DeVincenzo, Administrator of Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge, adds, “Using these shared technologies, PointClickCare and eMAR, with doctors and pharmacies creates a more efficient and safer environment for our patients. This communication is equally as important as the rehabilitation care we provide to our patients which only increases their quality of care, something we strive for every day at Atrium.”

The technology programs utilized by Atrium Senior Living of Park Ridge:

  • SMILE™ is a resident centric solution to communicate and engage with families of assisted living and memory care residents. Using SMILE™, staff can electronically track resident activity participation and share this information with families. They are able to keep families informed of upcoming events through two-way messaging and give families access to community recreation calendars, newsletter and menus. Staff and families are also able to share photos, videos and music through SMILE™ to further enrich the connection between staff, families and residents. It transforms traditional communication methods into dynamic, real time experiences that may lead to improved quality of life for each resident, greater resident and family satisfaction, and staff engagement.
  • PointClickCare gives nurses and caregivers the ability to document and track assigned tasks and access healthcare information quickly. This allows for more hands-on, quality time engaging with residents.
  • TRENDING TECHNOLOGY is a customizable safety monitoring system that allows residents to continue leading independent and fulfilling lives. The system monitors the daily activities of the residents, alerting caregivers in real-time of any changes in habits, and it does so without cameras or microphones, so it respects and maintains the privacy of seniors.
  • eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record system) makes the documentation of prescription medications more accurate and efficient, enhancing the safety and health of residents.
  • ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS deliver added value to care and services by enabling efficient sharing of information with doctors and other partners, affording staff more individualized time with residents by streamlining clinical documentation, ensuring HIPPA compliance, and reducing hospitalizations by flagging issues such as respiratory infections before they escalate.

Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge utilizes PointClickCare and eMAR listed above.

Atrium Senior Living of Park Ridge is located at 124 Noyes Drive, Park Ridge, NJ 07656 and can be reached at (201) 782-0440. Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge is located at 120 Noyes Drive, Park Ridge, NJ 07656 and can be reached at (201) 505-1777.

About Atrium Health & Senior Living:

Atrium Health & Senior Living is above all a family, helping seniors at every stage of life lead more comfortable, fulfilling, independent lives. We enhance the lives of our residents and patients through our unwavering dedication to supporting every stage of senior life. Knowing one size never fits all when it comes to care plans, we respect every person’s individuality, and tailor care to their needs.