Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Sometimes the thought of choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one can be a little stressful. Not only is it a big life change, but many don’t know how to choose a senior living community – what they should be looking for, or what questions to ask.  Spring Hills wants to make sure that you know what questions to ask when visiting an assisted living facility, and how to find the right place for your loved one.

Researchable Details About the Location and Services

These are the “due diligence” questions, if you will. You want to make sure that you are looking at legitimate operations with the services your loved one requires. The ideal way to go about getting this information is a combination of online research and talking to facilities’ administration, preferably in person.

  • Are they legitimate facilities with good records? Check to see if the facilities on your list appear on You may also want to check the Better Business Bureau and your state licensing agency.  See if they have had lapses in licenses or if they have had any actions or claims against them. You can also ask the facilities to show you their licensing and certification reports.
  • How much do they cost? Get this information directly from the facilities, and if applicable, whether some of the costs are covered by Medicaid. Make sure you are aware of any add-on costs, such as food plan or other fees, so that you have an accurate picture of what this facility will actually cost.
  • What food plans are offered?Ask them about their dining services, and how they accommodate different needs and diets. This is particularly important if your loved one has allergies or has certain dietary requirements.
  • What amenities are there? Some facilities have computer resources and exercise rooms. See what this facility has to offer, and ask about what amenities may be nearby – salons and shopping, for example.
  • How safe and secure is it?Are all the hallways and doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs? What kind of security system does it have? Is there an emergency call system? Do they have up-to-date fire safety resources? What kind of training does the staff have?
  • What programs are available? Does the facility offer any form of memory care? Does it offer different therapies? Is there a rehabilitation program? Are there any classes offered and if so, what are they? What kind of senior-friendly fitness and exercise opportunities exist?

Assisted Living Facility Details to Learn On Location

There is some information you simply cannot glean without visiting the facility. Talking to people in person not only gives you some answers and confirmations of what we’ve discussed above, but you can get a good sense of how life at the facility will be.

  • How does it feel in this facility? Are the staff helpful and welcoming? Do the residents look content and well cared for?
  • Is it properly maintained? Is it clean? Is the property well maintained? Are the doors and windows secure?
  • What are the living quarters like? What are the different apartment types?  Do they appear comfortable? Is there enough storage space?

Holistic Assisted Living for Seniors

In the end, the question will be: “Is this the right place for my loved one?” As you can see, the right fit isn’t just about what kind of things are offered by a facility, but also about the people and how good a facility feels. At Spring Hills, our caregivers are experienced and highly qualified, and our residents and their loved ones take comfort in knowing that we take a holistic approach to senior care, encompassing physical, emotional, and mental health.

Contact us today and find out about our Signature Programs and plan a visit to tour the beautiful grounds of your nearest Spring Hills senior care community