Caring for Parkinson’s Disease with Senior Home Care Services

Caregiving for Parkinson's Disease
A brain disorder that affects around one million Americans, Parkinson’s Disease often leads to stiffness, tremors, and difficulty with balance and coordination. Apart from the physical symptoms, many sufferers experience behavioral changes, mental health issues, problems sleeping, fatigue, and struggles with memory. Undoubtedly, it can affect every area of one’s life, from socializing to daily chores to eating.

Spring Hills understands how devastating it can be for both those suffering from the disease and those watching their loved one experience its symptoms. Dedicated to caring for the common illnesses that seniors face, we are pleased to introduce our Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Program, available to recipients of our home care services.

Home Care and Management for Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

Spring Hills takes a holistic approach to wellness in every one of our programs. In particular, the Parkinson’s Wellness Program supports the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of home care patients, providing:

  • access to a team of caregivers who are experienced with the progression of Parkinson’s, capable of assisting clients with daily activities and of advising how to adapt the home to accommodate the client’s needs through in-home assessments;
  • exercise programs that are tailored to the client’s needs and specially designed to assist with pain management and recovery from Parkinson’s – for example, to improve mobility and balance or resistance training;
  • remote monitoring of their daily routines with the innovative care technology found within our Signature Trends;
  • techniques to cope with Parkinson’s symptoms, such as how to conserve energy or use verbal cueing to improve balance, for example;
  • the ability and encouragement to participate in the ongoing programs available at our assisted living facilities, such as holistic gardening classes and ongoing social events.

The wellness team also teaches family members about Parkinson’s so that they, too, know how to help their loved ones.

Dedicated Attention from Qualified Parkinson’s Disease Caregivers

With a focused regimen, access to recreation activities, and the highly experienced caregivers of the Parkinson’s Wellness Program, your loved one has access to the tools needed to manage the disease and its effects. Managing Parkinson’s Disease isn’t easy, but with help from Spring Hills, it is possible.

Contact Spring Hill today to learn more about the Parkinson’s Wellness Program, or if you have questions about the Spring Hills care philosophy.