Managing Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly

Cardiovascular disease represents a huge risk to individuals worldwide, especially senior citizens. If your elderly loved one suffers a stroke, has heart disease, or experiences hypertension, it is important to find high-quality rehabilitative care that will help them lead a healthy and happy life.

At Spring Hills, we offer a dedicated cardiovascular health program, which focuses on educating residents about heart health, as well as on maintaining optimal strength and stamina. Our entire program, from heart-healthy meal plans to exercise programs, is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the patient, ensuring they receive the high level of care they deserve.

Senior Rehabilitation to Support Ongoing Heart Health

For our elderly residents and for patients who are entering rehabilitation or returning home after a cardiac episode, we offer several different types of support to improve their overall well-being. Each individual, whether an assisted living resident or private home care patient, has access to:

  • Professional Home Assessments: Through our cardiac health program, we can visit your home to assess the health and safety of your current environment. Our professionals will be able to advise on any changes that could better support you and your loved one, such as fall prevention measures.
  • Exercise Program Assistance: Strength training, balance programs, and cardiovascular exercise are crucial for coronary disease rehab. Spring Hills can ensure that your loved one enjoys a program ideally suited to their needs; one which takes their physical capabilities into account.
  • Access to Appropriate Medical Equipment and Care: Through our Signature Trends, patients have access to the latest medical technologies and innovations, ensuring that they have the care they need. This includes medication administration assistance, daily activity monitoring, and monitoring vitals so that we can intervene before an emergency happens.
  • Heart Healthy Meals: An important part of cardiac recovery is to adjust the diet to support ongoing heart health. We work with families and nutritionists to plan meals that are heart healthy and tailored to the individual’s specific dietary requirements.

Cardiac Health with the Help of Spring Hills

At Spring Hills, cardiac care is an important part of our offerings for in-home support, assisted living residents, and memory care patients. We work to support both our residents and their families in providing them with the highest possible quality of care and management for cardiovascular disease.

Our goal is to ensure that seniors live healthy and happy lives, unhampered by cardiovascular disease. For more information about cardiovascular care at Spring Hills, contact us today.