Atrium Health & Senior Living of Princeton Creates a Smooth Transition for Patients and Seniors as They Move Through the Health Care System

Princeton, NJ (September 26, 2019) – Atrium Post Acute Care and Atrium Senior Living of Princeton are successfully eliminating the ill effects of transfer trauma in patients as they move through the health care system. Transfer Trauma can occur when an individual must adapt to a new health care situation, such as transferring from a hospital to post-acute care center and then back home as well as moving into an assisted living community. It contributes to health problems and hospital readmissions, particularly among seniors.  Atrium Health of Princeton has implemented state-of-the art, patient-centered protocols to optimize stabilization and recovery.

“Atrium Post Acute Care of Princeton has created a Transition Plan for caregivers to ensure that our patients have everything they need at this critical transition,” said Christiana Enworom, Administrator of Atrium Post Acute Care of Princeton. “By working with caregivers when our patients are working toward recovery, we can mitigate the risk of transfer trauma, improve their experience, and greatly improve their outcomes.” Erio Rosario, Executive Director at Atrium Senior Living of Princeton adds, “While we’re working hard to ensure a safe transition, we also know that it can be scary to move into an assisted living. So, we learn all about the resident and we work hard to communicate that they are understood and appreciated as a person, not just a medical condition.”

The Transition Plan incorporates a series of strategic elements, which ensure a thorough, customized, positive experience for the patient:

  • Comprehensive discharge planning starts upon admission to the center and continues throughout the stay, inclusive of advance directive completion and immediate engagement with physicians.
  • The patient is assessed with regard to the competencies he or she will require to return home safely, and the team of professionals works with the patient to achieve them.
  • Electronic health records are leveraged to ensure that a comprehensive, personalized plan of care is in place and communicated to the entire interdisciplinary team of the patient.
  • Patient progress is communicated at the daily clinical meeting to identify changes in status that may affect the plan. The plan is dynamic and is adjusted accordingly.
  • Patient goals and progress are communicated to families through a series of meetings with the interdisciplinary team.
  • Point of Care software is utilized to collect and communicate information at the bedside regarding the patients’ daily living and activities.
  • Thorough medication reconciliations are completed prior to discharge to ensure that the patients understand their medication regimens. This is a key factor in a successful return to home while preventing further re-hospitalization.
  • Atrium conducts continuous case management and maintains close relationships with our partnering hospitals, home care providers, harnessing all available resources to ensure a successful transition to home.

To ensure a smooth transition into assisted living, Atrium Senior Living of Princeton suggests the following:

  • Make sure the resident helps select the personal items they wish to bring to their new home.
  • Conduct a pre-care meeting prior to the resident’s move. This serves as a comprehensive introduction to all of the managers.  This information is used to acquaint the caregivers and professionals with the new resident.
  • Educate the Resident Concierge on the personal likes and dislikes of the new resident.
  • Nurture existing relationships or “degrees of separation” with any current residents.
  • Encourage frequent family visits; residents love to show off their children and grandchildren!
  • Embrace connections with family and friends. Once the care is arranged and the resident is safely moved in, the family relationships, which may have previously been overshadowed with the role of caregiver, can resume on a more normal level.  Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons now have the opportunity to reconnect.

Atrium Post Acute Care of Princeton is located at 5000 Windrow Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540. For more information, call (609) 987-1221. Atrium Senior Living of Princeton is located at 1000 Windrow Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 and can be reached at (609) 514-9111.

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Atrium Health & Senior Living, now managed by Spring Hills Senior Communities, is above all a family, helping patients at every stage in the health care continuum. We enhance the recovery of our patients through our unwavering dedication to supporting every stage of rehabilitation. Knowing one size never fits all when it comes to care plans, we respect every person’s individuality, and tailor care to their needs.

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