Spring Hills Cherry Hill Testimonial


My mother, Selma Rosenberg has been a resident of Spring Hills, Cherry Hill since September 2013.  Over this time period, she has seen and had many caregivers, dining staff nurses, directors etc.  I am happy to say that I feel the overall facility is above any others in the area.

Within this 4 year period, we have never been let down by Chef Brian.  His food is always healthy and well prepared for the residents “aged” taste buds.  I have never heard a complaint from any resident with who I have shared many a meal while joining my mom.

Sanjay’s arrival to the facility has been nothing but positive.  He continues to improve the facility,  He demonstrates a great love and concern for the residents and always has time to talk to them or address any concerns that come up.  I look forward to this continuing improvement plans and the positive results that will occur.

My main reason for taking my time to construct this letter to you is to give an outstanding acknowledgment to Lashonda who is part of the dining staff.  She above all has the patience, understanding, and love for her residents. She is so aware of the food likes and dislikes of my mother.  She knows that with mom’s aged macular degeneration that her eyes do not allow her to read the beautiful menu choices.   She first asks my mom how hungry she is and whether or not she would like a big meal or a little meal.  Once receiving that answers she lets her know some choices that she has eaten on prior days but also makes sure that she tells her some new items that she may be interested to have to eat. She treats her with respect and love.

Lashonda not only concerns herself with the meals that my mom eats but is always observing to make sure that mom is not displaying any new or unusual symptoms that could signal a health risk.

Lashonda pours out love from the way she speaks and the actions she takes to ensure that my mom is always in a happy, comfortable state of mind and body.  This creates a warm and welcoming day for mom.  It gives her an opportunity to share her day or thoughts knowing someone is close by to listen to her and care about her.  In addition to my numerous visits mom used to be able to use her cell phone to call or answer my daily phone calls.  As of recent, this has become a task that is more and more difficult for her.  Knowing that Lashonda is there and that mom can’t help but bond with her is so very reassuring for me.

If there is a Medal of Honor for Caring to be awarded in your healthcare system I strongly nominate Lashonda. I also am aware that the direction from Sanjay gives Lashonda and others under his directorship the ability to do so.

Thank you so much for bringing her into my mother’s life.