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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care That’s Truly Memorable

Spring Hills Senior Communities offers a comprehensive and caring Alzheimer’s and dementia care program. The mission of our supportive community is to serve the special needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss.

The garden is the inspiration for a comforting and innovative memory care program that Spring Hills Senior Communities identifies Alzheimer’s residents with the characteristics of familiar blossoms. The “Care Flowers” philosophy, created by Spring Hills Senior Communities own Lesa Scott, RN BS,CALA, CDP, has proven to be a successful communication tool for care partners and family members of residents in the Spring Cottage Memory Care Residence of Springs Hills Senior Communities. The ‘Care Flowers’ approach is to help everyone appreciate the abilities the individual possesses and to consciously avoid negative language or overtones. The focus is on abilities, emotions and cognitive capacities, not the disease. Individuals with dementia communicate with behaviors rather than words, which is often challenging to family caregivers and sometimes very emotional. “‘Care Flowers’ helps everyone view those behaviors in a positive way, so we can have the best possible interactions with the person as he or she is, right now. It is an especially helpful tool for family members to help them understand when their loved one is acting in unfamiliar ways. A resident might be identified as a rose, a daisy, or an iris, for example, with certain behaviors and characteristics associated with that flower. As the individual’s communication capabilities change or diminish, the descriptions provide a positive framework for everyone to respond and offer support.”

Spring Hills Senior Communities offers a Caring with a Commitment to Quality approach to help people with memory loss maintain function. Our structured care program provides the stability of a routine while maximizing independence and autonomy.

The iris person will always walk in a straight line or lean to one side. They may be unable to coordinate speech but can sing almost anything with rhythm. The care team should always have a familiar song with rhythm up their sleeve!
Caught in the moment of time, for the daisy it’s all about sensation. The person may have sensory needs and/or sensory tolerances.
Violets are people on the go, and something is always brewing.
Roses don’t like change and they are strong willed and like routine.
  Morning Glory  
Like the flower, morning glories are fully open in the morning, but curl up and close during the warm parts of the day. This person’s environment is limited and often trapped inside a shell that is the mind, in a moment in time.


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