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See Spring Hills Senior Communities in action through this collection of videos. Catch a peek of our team providing service at our assisted living facilities. You’ll notice the warm interactions, state-of-the-art technology and personalized attention that make us a leader in senior care.

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Providing Stimulation for Those with Memory Loss

Mental stimulation is composed of various activities that help reduce but not eliminate the effects of memory loss. Therefore going on group outings and providing mentally stimulating activities for those with memory loss is important to keep your loved ones active and happy.

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Benefits of Pet Therapy

Dogs and cats are most commonly used for pet therapy but, birds and robotic simulating animals are also for this type of therapy.

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Holistic Ways to Manage Pain

Older adults are at a higher risk for adverse drug events from natural physiological changes in the body. When attempting to manage or reduce pain, consider taking a holistic approach.

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Accepting Care For Your Loved One

Senior care can be a difficult thing to process and your loved one might be resistant. So how can you help accept and make them understand why care services are the best choice for them?

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Pursuing Career Development Opportunities

Career development consists of programs or activities offered to assist you in developing your career. This not only means adding value to your career but also growing your skills and experience.

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Defining Quality Care

Determining what health care provider to choose based on their quality of care can be difficult. Here is what you should look for when defining quality care.

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Memory Care Patients Benefit from Dolls

For those who love someone with dementia, bearing witness to their relative’s agitation and anxiety can be a devastating experience. Doll therapy encourages positive behaviors in dementia patients.

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