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A Leader in Assisted Living and Home Health Care Services

See Spring Hills Senior Communities in action through this collection of videos. Catch a peek of our team providing service at our assisted living facilities. You’ll notice the warm interactions, state-of-the-art technology and personalized attention that make us a leader in senior care.

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Fun Therapeutic Techniques Yield Big Results for Seniors

Psychiatric issues are some of the most common problems our resident seniors have to face. Depression, memory loss, and loneliness are among the most troublesome. However, simple therapeutic techniques can be used to make large strides to combat them.

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Spring Hills Middletown and Singing Woods Assisted Livings Honored Among Top Senior Communities in the Nation for Service Excellence in assisted Living and Memory Care

Positive Consumer Ratings Led to This Industry-Leading Distinction from Spring Hills Middletown and Spring Hills Singing Woods Assisted Livings are pleased to announce they have been selected as a “Caring Super Star of 2018” and “Caring Star of 2018”, respectively, for service excellence in assisted living and memory care.

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What to Know About Caregiver Stress Syndrome

Caring for an elderly loved one is both rewarding and admirable. However, it is also important to care for yourself! Learn more about caregiver stress syndrome and methods of prevention with Spring Hills.

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Brain Games for Seniors to Support Cognitive Health

The benefits of brain games for seniors can be monumental to their cognitive abilities. Not only are they are fun ways to keep the mind active and healthy, but they also provide a fun opportunity to socialize with others. Learn more with Spring Hills!

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